Cultural Impact of Implementing BIM in the UK Construction Industry

Back in February 2018 I had to decide what to write my final MSc thesis on.

I wanted to write something worthwhile that could provide a solution to a problem but also provide me with knowledge to assist me in transitioning from the British Army to the construction industry.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has always interested me and I decided that was the area I wanted to work in but does it have any problems?

I reached out to the industry and both Paul Shillcock and Iain Miskimmin replied. They both have military backgrounds, so it was easier to find common ground.

Having spoken to them both, the same topic arose, the culture around implementing BIM. So there was my title “the cultural impact of implementing BIM in the UK construction industry”.

It did not take me long to realise that there were lots of barriers and not many drivers. I decided to concentrate on the four main barriers taken from the NBS BIM Report 2018 and provide solutions.

The four main barriers were:

Lack of in-house training

Lack of motivation

No client demand


I could tell you the solutions now but where would the fun be in that? Instead, you can read my thesis and decide for yourself.

I promised to release it to the industry once I graduated so here it is Link.

Any questions…..just contact me at Operam, we’ll have the solution!

Happy reading!

Andrew Johnson
Advisor – Operam