BIM certification.

You work hard to keep up with the latest industry
standards. Yet your qualifications and job title may not
fully express your range of professional skills, experience,
and expertise. With our BIM certification for individuals,
you can provide verifiable credentials to your clients,
colleagues, and employers.

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Our approach
to BIM certification.

Learn it.

You complete our self-led and guided learning courses on the Operam Academy learning platform.

Earn it.

You earn CPD certificates as you go and receive digital badges when you meet the criteria for each curriculum.

Share it.

You share your achievements directly to your social media platforms and add to your email signature and CV.

CPD Certificates.

As a member of the CPD Certification Service, our BIM courses are independently certified against the universally accepted continuing professional development guidelines.

Upon completion of each course, you will receive a CPD certificate which you can use to provide documented evidence to your employer or professional body.

Access independently certified learning material.

Keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

Meet ongoing commitments to professional bodies.

Digital Badges.

We are dedicated to helping you to achieve your professional goals and to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we’ve partnered with Credly to provide you with a digitally enabled, verifiable version of your BIM certification.

Digital badges can be added to your email signature or digital CV and posted on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. When the badge is clicked, a description of your BIM certification and what you did to earn it is shown on Credly’s Acclaim platform.

Anyone can verify your BIM Certification by clicking on your badge.

Display your hard work and validate your expertise.

Each badge gives details about the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired.

Stand out
from the crowd.

Information Management

Earners of Operam Academy’s Information Management Practitioner badge have a fundamental understanding of ‘BIM according to ISO 19650’. They are familiar with the concepts and principles for the effective management and collaborative production of information.

Holders of this BIM certification can describe the key activities within the information management process, the parties responsible for undertaking each activity and the enabling technologies that support them.

To earn this badge, you must:

Complete all self-led learning courses within Operam Academy’s ISO 19650 Curriculum.

Attain a pass mark of at least 80% in each course assessment.

Information Management

Earners of Operam Academy’s Information Management Professional badge have a practical understanding of ‘BIM according to ISO 19650’. They can communicate to a range of stakeholders what impact this has on the asset lifecycle, the business value of managing information effectively and the associated risks of not doing so.

Holders of this badge can also support individuals who may not be familiar with the latest international standards for the management and collaborative production of information.

To earn this badge, you must:

Achieve the Information Management Practitioner badge.

Prepare and deliver a 15-minute presentation on the business value of managing information effectively for a given stakeholder.

Prepare and deliver a 20-minute lesson for a given topic relating to the information management process.

Attend and actively participate in Operam Academy’s IM Bootcamp.

Research and reflect on the approach taken to managing information on a completed appointment.

Submit a written report on the project for evaluation and attain a graded pass.

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