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Class Of Your Own teams up with Operam to include the latest ISO 19650 standards for the management of information in the Design Engineer Construct!® (DEC) learning programme.

Since its creation by UK social business Class Of Your Own a decade ago, secondary schools and colleges have embraced the accredited Design Engineer Construct! learning programme to provide young people with a digital Built Environment curriculum aligned to modern industry standards. The number of talented DEC students following apprenticeship and/or higher education routes into architecture, engineering and construction demonstrates just how successful this initiative has become.

During this time, there have been a plethora of industry standards published on the management and production of information – a key aspect of the DEC curriculum – that have been widely adopted by the construction industry. More recently, a new global standard has been published for the management of information when using building information modelling (ISO 19650). The ISO 19650 series is anticipated to be widely adopted by asset owners and construction clients around the world.

To stay ahead with these developments, Class of Your Own and Operam have entered into a new collaborative partnership that ensures DEC students continue to learn and apply best industry practice.The partnership enables Operam’s existing learning material around the ISO 19650 series, aimed at current industry professionals, to be embedded within the existing DEC curriculum. Class of Your Own chose to partner with Operam as the leading authority on information management and the ISO 19650 series. Paul Shillcock, owner and founder of Operam, has played an active role in the development of industry standards for nearly ten years, and is one of the lead authors of the ISO 19650 series.
The timing of this exciting announcement coincides with the Royal Academy of Engineering’s ‘This is Engineering’ Day, an initiative that aims to highlight the work of 21st century engineers by challenging misconceptions and stereotypes.

“Here at Class Of Your Own, we ensure that teachers, learners and parents understand the opportunities that engineering offers and the difference engineers can make to the world,” CEO Alison Watson states, with her usual enthusiasm. “We’ve always enabled our students to access knowledge and skills that will benefit them hugely in the workplace, whatever their career choice. The addition of Operam’s learning material can only enhance their understanding of management activities that ensure the right people get the right information at the right time. I’m delighted to work with Paul and the Operam team to introduce this invaluable resource to all DEC schools around the world.”

Paul Shillcock clearly agrees. “If the construction industry is to embrace the world of digital, then it’s so important to ensure that the next generation of professionals are up to speed on the latest industry standards that support the effective management of digital information. When DEC students are already ahead of the game, working together with Class Of Your Own is a natural fit for Operam.”

About Class of Your Own
Class of Your Own Limited (COYO) is an award-winning consultancy specialising in education for the digital built environment. Established in 2009, COYO has been delivering the ground-breaking Design Engineer Construct! learning program in addition to workshops, challenges and other student engagement programs to schools and colleges across the United Kingdom and now around the world. Class of Your Own develops innovative, contextualised approaches to teaching and learning that enable young people from all backgrounds to explore aspirational career pathways in architecture, engineering, surveying, and construction.
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About Operam
Operam provide a variety of advisory services and a range of educational products that help organisations align their business processes with the latest industry standards for the management of information and to establish a culture of innovation, learning and continuous improvement to support their adoption.
Operam Academy, Operam’s award-winning learning solution, provides formal and informal learning on the information management process according to ISO 19650 to existing industry professionals.
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