Build better teams.

ISO 19650 and BIM are all about individuals working
together. The performance of a team can be impacted
if people don’t know their role. We can help your team
work together to manage information effectively.

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Targeted training.

Everyone in the team needs to be able to undertake their role effectively. But not everyone needs to be an expert in information management.

That’s why we’ve broken the information management process down into its key activities. Enabling people to learn what they need to know and not what they don’t.

“I highly recommend Operam Academy to individuals who seek a real and easy understanding of Information management.”

Mostafa El-Ashmawy, Freyssinet Saudi Arabia

Learn as a team.

Social learning is a powerful method of increasing collective knowledge. Learning together as a team will help you accelerate your learning.

That’s why we recommend that teams undertake the courses individually, and then review the outcomes together as a team. This innovate approach has been successful with many teams and can help your team to develop a deeper understanding than learning alone.

“Operam have provided our teams with the skills and knowledge needed to follow the Government mandated standards.”

Jim Smith, MLM

Move forward together.

If individuals within your team have different interpretations of BIM, or how to manage information effectively, then this can lead to confusion.

Your team will be more effective if they have a shared understanding. That’s what you get with an Operam Academy TEAM Licence and by having a consistent approach to educating your team.

“Operam provided us with the knowledge we needed to ensure our information management strategy was heading in the right direction.”

Robert Moore, Grangegorman Development Agency

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Henry Ford

Build your
team today.

Whether you’re a project, delivery, or task team, we have a solution to suit your needs. A TEAM Licence allows your team to learn and move forward together.

TEAM Licences come loaded with 10, 25 or 50 learning passports. It provides your team with one year’s access to Operam Academy’s current and future learning resources.

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