Using OUR knowledge to meet YOUR learning needs

Using our knowledge of international standards and experience of industry best practice, we believe we have the depth and breadth of knowledge needed to provide the most effective learning materials to meet your learning needs.

Why three learning channels?

To support lifelong learning we provide formal, informal and social learning channels, each designed to satisfy individual learning needs and learning styles. So however your people learn, we have got it covered.


Our ISO 19650 eLearning channel contains self-guided formal learning on all aspects of industry standards and best practice for the management and production of information

Each ISO 19650 eLearning course has on average 4 lessons per course with each taking around 10 minutes to complete.

Narrated by a professional voice talent, with a downloadable audio script.

Lessons are designed to meet a defined set of learning outcomes, which when combined meet the overall course objectives.

Our courses are independently assessed by the CPD Service and learners receive a CPD Certificate upon completion of each course.

To support those with impaired hearing each ISO 19650 eLearning lesson comes with subtitles.

Each course finishes with a graded course assessment, with a flexible pass mark.

All results are recorded for monitoring within the administration panel.


Our eKnowledge channel contains self-guided informal learning. This allows learners to consume bite-size pieces of information, across a wide range of topics.

Short YouTube style videos guides

Handy crib-sheets to support workplace learning

Ted Talk style recorded seminars

Recorded interviews with subject matter experts

White Paper reports and in-depth analysis

Industry Case Studies


Our eCommunity channel contains community driven content on a relevant topics. All designed to support social learning.

Moderated Community forums

A searchable wiki resource

Q&A discussions with Operams subject matter experts

Course feedback and review

More Coming Soon

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