ISO 19650 Syllabus

We’ve done all the hard work for you and group the activities within the information management process into courses.

*Placeholder lesson until publication of ISO 19650-3

01 Information Management Fundamentals

The Information Management Fundamentals curriculum provides ground level entry for those new to information management and building information modelling, plus the information management processes during the delivery and operational phase of assets as defined within the ISO 19650 series.

  • BIM: What's it all about?

    • Introduction
    • It’s all about the Information
    • It’s all about the Exchange of Information
    • It’s all about the Production of Information
    • Assessment

  • Project Information management

    • Introduction to Project Information Management
    • The Project Information Management Function
    • The Project Information Management Process
    • Assessment

  • Asset Information management

    • Introduction to Asset Information Management
    • Trigger Events
    • Managing Existing Information
    • Procuring New Information
    • Assessment

02 Identifying the Need

The Identifying the Need curriculum introduces learners to the industry standards and best practice for defining and communicating the requirements for information at each stage of the asset lifecycle.

  • Requirements for Information

    • Introduction
    • Information Requirements Criteria
    • Information Requirement Types
    • Level of Information Need
    • Assessment

  • Organizational Information Requirements

    • Introduction
    • Organizational Information Functions
    • Stakeholder Involvement
    • Support for Asset Performance
    • Support for the Security of Sensitive Assets
    • Assessment

  • Asset Information Requirements

    • Introduction
    • Asset Definition
    • Asset Data Definition
    • Product Data Definition
    • Assessment

  • Project Information Requirements

    • Introduction
    • Support for the Delivery of Assets
    • Support for the Design & Construction of Assets
    • Exchange information requirements
    • Assessment

03 Building the Team

The Building the Team curriculum introduces learners to the necessary pre-production activities, including procurement, planning and mobilization, which ensure that teams know what, when and how information is to be produced during the appointment and that they have the capability and capacity to do so.

  • Tender Preperation

    • Introduction
    • Tender Preparation Process
    • Pre-appointment Activities
    • Tender Response Requirements
    • Preparing an Invitation to Tender
    • Assessment

  • Tender Response & Appointments

    • Introduction
    • BIM Execution Planning
    • Capability & Capacity Assessment
    • Information Delivery Planning
    • Appointments
    • Assessment

  • Information Production Planning

    • Introduction
    • Information Standards
    • Production Methods & Procedures
    • Shared Resources
    • Federation Strategy
    • Assessment

  • Information Delivery Planning

    • Introduction
    • Responsibility Assignment
    • Task Information Delivery Planning
    • Master Information Delivery Planning
    • Assessment

04 Producing the Information

The Producing the Information curriculum introduces learners to the collaborative approach to production of information within a shared repository known as a common data environment, focusing on the creation, sharing and publishing of information.

  • Collaborative Production of Information

    • Introduction
    • Creating Information
    • Sharing Information
    • Delivering Information
    • Assessment

  • The Common Data Environment

    • Introduction
    • CDE Workflow
    • Container ID, Revision and Status
    • CDE Solution
    • Assessment

05 Regional

The Regional curriculum provides learners with regionalized content relating to the different initiatives and digital transformations across a variety of regions. Courses within this curriculum are designed by people with the relevant knowledge and experience of the relevant region.

  • Digital Transformation in the UK

    • Introduction
    • The Drivers for Change
    • The journey to a Digitally Built Britain
    • Level 2 in the UK
    • Assessment

eKnowledge Collections

To support the ISO 19650 syllabus you also have access to a range of eKnowledge collections. Each one provides you with bite-sized learning relating to a variety of topics associated to the management and production of information.

Each topic is written by leading authorities from around the world, so you will learn from people with the right knowledge and experience.

We continually add more and more topics to each collection and encourage learners to suggest which topics they would to learn about.

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