Get your
message across.

With all the preconceptions and marketing around
BIM, important messages can get lost. Save time and
frustration by learning to communicate real business
value to stakeholders. Give your team the knowledge
they need and the confidence they desire with
Operam Academy’s IM BOOTCAMP programme

An innovative approach to learning.

The IM Bootcamp blends over of self-led and guided learning in a single programme. Developed and delivered by Paul Shillcock.

Paul is a leading authority on information management and author of ISO 19650-2. He also served in the British Military for nearly a decade – an organisation that knows how to build effective teams – but don’t worry, there’s no shouting or press-ups!

“I never thought an online course could keep my attention for so long, but the interaction between the group and the variety of activities kept everyone focussed and energised throughout.”

Stuart Berwick, Balfour Beatty

The programme that keeps on giving.

Not only does your team acquire valuable knowledge and confidence. You will also gain a range of outputs that can be used again and again.

During each stage, delegates produce a range of outputs, including presentations, lessons, and case studies. Each of which will have been thoroughly evaluated during the programme. These are owned by you and can be reused by the team or wider business.

“As a team, we developed the shared knowledgebase and improved our practical skills to collaboratively communicate the value of information management within Mace and to our customers.”

Dr Marzia Bolpagni, Mace

Flexible and cost-effective.

Scheduling time away from projects and getting your team in the same room at the same time can be challenging and expensive.

We know that work must come first. That’s why we developed the IM BOOTCAMP programme to be delivered entirely online. Giving individuals the flexibility to work around their busy schedules – no matter where they are in the world.

“The online format worked really well, plus it saved us a lot of cash by the team not having to stay hotels and travelling etc.”

Harry Parnell, Balfour Beatty

70% of delegates* say the IM Bootcamp
programme exceeded their expectations.

*As at June 2022



ISO 19650 Curriculum

Approximately 12 hours per delegate

To start the programme, each delegate completes a selection of self-led courses within the ISO 19650 curriculum. This ensures that everyone who attends the IM BOOTCAMP (Stage 3) have an equal level of understanding of the ISO 19650 series and the associated information management activities.


Approximately 12 hours per delegate

Delegates work in pairs to prepare two sessions. A 15 minute presentation on the value of managing information effectively and a 20 min lesson relating to the information management process. Each pairing will deliver the sessions during Stage 3. After which, they will receive constructive feedback from their peers and the instructor.

IM Bootcamp

Approximately 24 hours per delegate

As a group, delegates attend six instructor-led online sessions, known as the IM BOOTCAMP. Each session will deepen an individual’s knowledge of information management and increase their confidence in communicating effectively in a business context. Delegates will either be actively participating or actively listening so that they can learn together.

Final Project

Approximately 24 hours per delegate

Delegates work in pairs to research and reflect upon the approach taken to managing information on one of the company’s completed appointments. Upon completion, a report on the findings is produced and evaluated by Operam. The report can then be used as case studies, and lessons learnt for future appointments.

What will your
team get out of the
IM Bootcamp?

If they commit to
completing the tasks and
actively participate in the
activities, they will:

If they commit to completing the tasks and actively participate in the activities, they will:

deepen their knowledge of information management within a business context;

become more effective in communicating with a wide variety of stakeholders;

gain increased confidence in presenting technical information;

become more aware of the risks and impact of not managing information effectively; and

become more effective in dealing with negativity and resistance to change.

In short, the more they put
the programme,
the more they will get out of it!

“Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.”

Jim Rohn

Has your team
got what it takes?

If your team is responsible for the development, implementation, or support of your company’s approach to managing information or BIM – at a corporate or project level – then the IM BOOTCAMP programme is for you.

The IM Bootcamp programme is ideally suited to teams of ten, but can work with smaller teams if required. This allows plenty of opportunity for everyone to actively participate in the activities. Whilst providing ample opportunity to share knowledge and learn as a team.

For up to 10 delegates and includes a
TEAM 10 Licence (worth £1,499)

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