Operam Academy’s advanced features support simple and complex training scenarios.

Learner Features

Leading Experts

Our learning material contains the knowledge and experience of some the world’s leading authorities and authors of international standards.

Unlimited Access

You get unlimited access to all current and future learning material during your subscription, meaning you can undertake and retake lessons at the point of need.

Formal Learning

Self-guided formal learning via a range of curriculums, courses and lessons. Each one is designed to achieve a series of learning objectives based around the competencies needed.

Informal Learning

Self-guided informal learning via range of short video guides, crib-sheets, presentations, interviews, reports and industry case-studies across a wide range of topics.

Stay Focused

Our in-house team of instructional designers, multi-media designers and content developers ensure learning material is engaging and focused on you, the learner.

Bite Sized Learning

Our average lesson takes under 10 minutes to complete, enabling you to consume as much or as little as you like, when you like.


All our eLearning courses finish with an assessment to reinforce learning and identify any areas you may need to revisit.

CPD Certificates

eLearning courses are independently assessed by the CPD Service and you will receive a CPD Certificate to demonstrate achievement to your employer or professional body.

Learning & Development Features


Produce custom reports on any leaner, object or action within your branch. Access and review all kinds of archived system activity via audit logs.


Bring learners together into logical groups based on combined conditions like branch, function and user type to diversify your training.

Mass Actions

Perform specific actions on multiple learners and courses all at once and save valuable time and overhead.

Priority Support

Our dedicated support team are on hand to support you every step of the way.


Build each learners learning path around their specific function, ensuring they only acquire the knowledge they need.

Course Rules

Control the way users access your eLearning content. Define course order, completion conditions, and course prerequisites.

Learning Paths

Assign courses to be taken in a specific order based on user attributes and your training’s requirements.


Package related courses into curriculums and assign them to users and branches.

Configuration and Customization Features

Bespoke Content

Got your own learning material? Combine our core content with your bespoke content to extend learning paths for new and existing employee’s.


Create your own assessments with support for multiple types of questions, quizzes, and tests with extensive reporting on all results.


Conduct your own surveys among learners. Collect useful data on learner engagement and course efficiency.

Blended Learning

Boost learner engagement. Supplement formal learning with your own instructor-led training, whether classroom-based or via teleconference.


Allow learners to submit assignments in different formats. Set conditions and deadlines according to course rules and prerequisites.

Make it your own

Customize your branches look and feel. Use your theme and domain on every page, and apply your custom CSS and JavaScript to tailor every detail.

Have it your way

Divide your branch into sub-branches according to your organizational structure and customize your sub-branches to operate independently.


Our learner interface is available in 22 different languages with the option to enforce all necessary vocabulary overrides.

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