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Learning Material

What learning material is on the platform?

Our first syllabus is all about the ISO 19650 series, the new international standard for the management of information when using BIM. To support the ISO 19650 syllabus, we continually add material to our eKnowledge collections, so you can keep up to date with the latest industry standards and best practice. Other syllabuses will be added to Operam Academy in the near future.

Can I add my own content?

With an Academy or Enterprise licence, customers can add their own learning material to the Operam Academy Platform. Learning material can include eLearning lesson, videos and documents.

Do you offer individual certification?

Upon completion of each course, learners will receive a certificate from the Continued Professional Development (CPD) Service. There are no certification or accreditation bodies that have a formal specification for the ISO 19650 series upon which certification can be offered. As such, rather than certification, we are working with an internationally recognised awarding body on formal qualifications for our current and future learners. We feel this would offer the greatest value to learners and organisations.

Do you develop bespoke content?

Our in-house content development team, consisting of instructional and multi-media designers and content developers are here to support you every step of the way. We will work with you to transform your learning material into engaging content for all your learners.

Do you do BIM training?

If you mean software-based skills training, then no. We provide education on the activities associated to the management of information when using BIM.

Do I need a copy of the ISO standards to undertake the courses?

No. Whilst it will aid your learning, you do not need to purchase the ISO standards to undertake Operam Academy courses. All our learning material is aligned to the ISO 19650 series, but you will learn much more than what is written in the standards.

Do I require prior knowledge of Information Management or BIM to undertake the courses?

No, you do not have to be experienced in Information Management, but it is advisable to follow the course curriculum.

How long does each course take to complete?

Each course takes approximately 60 minutes, and the assessment takes 15 minutes. For an estimate of each course, look at the ISO 19650 syllabus.

Why can I only see a limited number of courses when I log in to my Trial Account?

The 7-day trail account is only for evaluation purposes only, as such, you get access to a selection of courses.

Pricing, Licences and Subscriptions

What do I get with an individual licence?

With an Individual licence, you get unlimited access to all current and future learning material which you can access on your desktop or on the go via our mobile app.

What if have more than 50 learners in my team?

Team licences are available for teams up to 10, 25 and 50 learners. For teams larger than 50 an Academy licence is more cost effective and comes with lots of additional features.

Do you supply the learning material without the platform?

Customers with an Enterprise licence have the option to use the Operam Academy platform or host our learning material on their own learning management system.

Do you offer multi-year subscriptions?

Sure. Customers purchasing an Academy or Enterprise licence can receive multi-year discounts when they subscribe for three years or more.

What payment options are available?

Individual and team licences are purchased online via the Operam Academy website using a credit card. Academy and enterprise subscriptions are purchased via an invoice.

Do you offer any discounts?

Sure. We offer volume and term discounts on Academy and Enterprise Licences, so the more learning passports you buy and the longer you subscribe, the cheaper it is.

Are monthly subscriptions available?

Afraid not, only annual subscriptions are available.

Can I transfer a learning passport to someone else?

No. Once a learning passport has been assigned to an individual, it cannot be transferred during the subscription term. A bit like a real passport, the learning passport retains the learning history of the learner along with their assessment results and CPD certificates. However, if you renew your subscription, then at the point of renewal, you can reallocate learning passports to other people.

Can I purchase the courses individually?

Afraid not, all licences give unlimited access to all current and future courses.


Can I access the platform from any computer?

Absolutely, it’s a cloud-based solution, so you can access the platform via any computer using the latest version of most web browsers.

Will I have to start the course from the beginning if I switch to another computer?

No, your progress will be automatically saved, and you can resume from where you left off from another device, including our mobile app. Even if you learn offline, the mobile app will synchronize once you’re back online.

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