Operam Academy – ISO 19650 Courses.

To create our ISO 19650 courses and curriculum we leveraged our knowledge and understanding of ISO 19650 standards. We are able to structure the content into something that is practical and useful in real life. Allowing for all of our material to be based upon the key stages of the information process.

To make it easy to educate your learners, we have done all the hard work for you. We have created a complete ISO 19650 courses to suit all your learning needs. And we have distilled the standards into 6 different curriculum, with 20 courses in total. This makes it easy for your learners to access the material they need, rather than them sifting through each standard to find the right information.

This means that your learners will not be learning things they do not need to learn. Therefore, they are far more likely to remember and retain for longer, what they have been taught.

6 Curricula & 20 different ISO 19650 courses to Support your Learning Journey

For a full list of courses and lessons, click here to download the Operam Academy Syllabus

Information Management Fundamentals

Our first ISO 19650 elearning curriculum is Information Management Fundamentals.

This curriculum provides ground level entry for those new to information management and building information modelling.

Plus it covers the information management processes during the delivery and operational phase of assets. As defined within the ISO 19650 suite of standards.


The ISO 19650 courses within this curriculum include:

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Identifying the Need

The Identifying the Need curriculum is for those learners who need to understand the industry standards and best practice for defining and communicating the requirements for information, at each stage of the asset lifecycle.


The ISO 19650 courses within this curriculum include:

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Building the Team

The Building the Team curriculum introduces learners to the necessary pre-production activities. Those that include procurement, planning and mobilization. This will ensure that teams know what, when and how information is to be produced during the appointment. And that they have the capability and capacity to do so.

The ISO 19650 courses within this curriculum include:

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Producing the Information

The Producing the Information curriculum introduces learners to the collaborative approach to production of information within a shared repository. This is known as a common data environment. And it focuses on the creation, sharing and publishing of information.

The ISO 19650 courses within this curriculum include:

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Using the Information

The Using the Information curriculum encourages learners to start with the end in mind by considering the use and the re use of information at an asset, portfolio and national level. With examples of current uses and potential future uses.

The ISO 19650 courses within this curriculum include:

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The Regional curriculum provides learners with regionalized content relating to the different initiatives and digital transformations internationally. Courses within this curriculum are designed by people with the relevant knowledge and experience of the relevant region.

The courses within this curriculum include:

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ISO 19650 Courses and Curriculum Overview

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