Combined ISO 19650 Process

Combined ISO 19650 Process Download.

Download Operam Academy’s combined ISO 19650 information management process.

Lets’ face it, the standards within the ISO 19650 series are not the best at helping you learn about the information management process. But then, that’s not what they’re designed to do.

To simplify things and to aid learning, we’ve used our knowledge and experience to combine the information management processes from parts two and three of the ISO 19650 series.

In short, we’ve combined the information management activities during the assets delivery and operational phase to form a single end to end process, representing the entire asset lifecycle.

This is because when it comes to information management, you shouldn’t just think about it as a series of standards. You should think of it as a single process.

In doing so, you get a better appreciation of the eight information management steps, the activities within each step, and most importantly, who is responsible for each activity.

Using colour, we’ve identified which party is responsible for each activity, and identified the associated clause number and standard from which the activity originates.

As you will see, most activities exist in both parts two and three of the ISO 19650 series. However, not all have the same clause number or title.

Remember, this combined process is for educational purposes only, and you should always conform to the activities and clauses within the relative standards when required.

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