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Delivered as a cloud solution to desktop and mobile, meaning it is scalable across organisations of all sizes without the need for additional software

By learning with Operam Academy, you will acquire the knowledge you need to undertake your role in the information management process.

Learn about the latest industry standards

Because we play a prominent role in the development of national and international standards you will receive practical guidance and insight, plus understand the impact, risks and benefits of their implementation.

All courses are aligned to the ISO 19650 series, so you will learn about, and keep up to date with, the latest industry standards for the management of information.

Learn about the latest industry best practice

Because we have been trusted by some of the largest asset owners, design consultants and building contractors to help them build better teams, you will learn about the latest industry best practice for the management and production of information.

Learn from leading authorities

All learning material is written by leading authorities from around the world, so you will learn from people with the latest knowledge and experience.

Including Operam’s founder, Paul Shillcock who is the author of ISO 19650-2 and the UK National Annex and co-author of PAS 1192-2 and the UK Transition Guidance (PD 19650-0)

Continued Professional Development

As a member of the CPD Certification Service, our eLearning content is independently certified against the universally accepted Continuing Professional Development guidelines.

On completion of each course, you will receive a CPD Certificate which you can use to provide documented evidence to your employer or professional body.

Instructor-led training on ISO 19650

If you’re looking to achieve a specific set of learning outcomes, then get in touch to discuss our instructor-led training. You can learn from our team of internal advisors and a network of specialists who can come to you and deliver courses to meet your learning needs.

If you need extra support, you can benefit from coaching or mentoring from one of our advisors.

Executive Briefings

ISO 19650 Transition

Tailored Courses

Coaching and Mentoring

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